Sunday, 26 April 2015

Blogging as meditation

Meditation and mindfulness are the two new buzz words in the area of mental health. Although if you go back to the beginning of this blog it was to help me lose weight, mental health has always been a huge priority for me. I firmly believe good physical health and good mental health are interdependent. I am very much the whole mind body spirit thing.

Thats one reason I think why qigong has gripped me so much is because it is a kind of moving meditation. I can be very mindful when I am doing qigong.

But sometimes sitting still is good....and in the past I have found that blogging about something can help me sort my thoughts out. Sometimes its almost a kind of automatic writing.

I am very hard on myself at times. I think I should meditate and be mindful and be more spiritual than I am. I am a reiki practitioner and we are meant to be spiritual. I recently took someone though her reiki level one...and she was very unhappy that it wasn't more spiritual. I got the impression she wanted a big spiritual break though, some answers to life's great questions....the truth is answers don't come in in a flash very often. They come from discipline and regular practice.

One of my friends posted in a face book group that she had been told to tell us to talk to our guides today....about anything. Not to worry if we can't hear them, they can hear us. Now this is something I have a problem with. I am not sure about this whole 'guide' thing and suspect I just make things up ........but then I don;t expect to hear things. And that of course could well be the problem. We limit our achievements by our expectations.

Blogging like this is a way of me 'talking' to guides/angels/god/the universe/.....take your pick on who could be the recipient. And I know I have experienced moments when my thoughts have gone in unexpected direction while blogging......and that could be an answer by who or what ever 'listens.

I have been reading a book recommended from a very unexpected source about a players in a virtual reality game. Their avatars can meditate and pray. When they meditate it is possible for those outside the game to talk to them (even though this shouldn't happen) When they prey only the mainframe computer that controls the game talk to them.
For a sci fi book it contains a lot about spirituality. And it actually mentions reiki....

And I have just remembered that reading has also been recommended as a form of meditation.

Maybe I am not as bad at being spiritual as I though...

Thursday, 23 April 2015

So how is my design for life going?

Well I still have a weight problem but whatever other medical problems I have (and I have a few) I am not diabetic, not hypertensive, and don;t need to take the normal cocktail of drugs for prevention of cardiovascular events that a lot of women my age need to take.

My holistic skills are increasing. I am now qualified in Indian head massage, use of Kats Eye blends of aromatherapy oils, and to teach a form of Tai chi called Shibashi qigong

I have left my room at the salon and now have access on an as needed basis to two wonderful purpose built consulting rooms in Edgbaston and Bromsgrove

I now have regular locum work at two Spire Private hospitals and may have a work at a third soon.

And I am supposed to be retired...................

I do have a few new health problems. I have succumbed to the fashionable disease of Vitamin D deficiency, and just been diagnosed with late onset asthma. And today I have been told I have early signs of cataracts, and hearing problems that may require me to have hearing aids.

But I feel so lucky I have easily treated problems and that there is nothing that will stop me doing what I love.

We are in the middle of the general election campaign and Steve is a candidate in our constituency and I feel so proud of him I could almost burst.

In other words, life is good, and I intend for it to get better and thats the best design you can possibly have

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

I'm back.............

Wow.....what a long gap First of al why have I re-started this blog? well I know I need the discipline of blogging. It will help me. Plus I wanted to remind myself what I was doing last time I made an entry.

It may be many months ago...but I remember that network meeting I mentioned in my last entry. I didn't get the cancellation fee from the client. I didn't get into networking...and I am now in a very different place to where I was all those months ago. But thats a story for tomorrow.....its too late tonight

Thursday, 1 November 2012

My first networking meeting

I went to my first networking meeting yesterday. It wasn't very well organised - but I think I caught them on a bad day. However I got a chance to mae my pitch and meet one or two people who may be able me build up Krystal Wolf

Sadly the hypnotherapy customer booked for yesterday cancelled but is intending to send me a small cancellation fee. Well we'll see if it arrives or not.

So things a bit mixed really. Sadly Tony has had a couple dry spells logged on - but when I logged on yesterday simply because I was sorting things out in the kitchen (and I can set up and reach the laptop quickly if a call comes in) I did actually get some calls.I am betting when we get our pay tho Tony will have earned more than me. We shall see.

Health wise I am back in the exercise routine having dropped out of it. And not only I am back in I am back doing my 10-10-10 routine which includes 10 minutes of jogging.

And in other areas - well I seem to be getting back to blogging which I guess means I am back to designing my life again. I am doing more regular self healing and meditation too

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Designing my life?

Oh dear today is the 38th of October - and my last post here was 10th July. What happened? Well partly I was experimenting with Wordpress (not a success) Partly I was focussing on other blogs with limited success. But mainly I have been busy. So what has happened?

Well really quite alot

Krystal Wolf now has new premises at 21 Church Road Northfield B31 2JZ. We have use of a wholeroom on Fridays. We also hold circle their on Thursday evenings and I am tenetaviley dipping a toe in the water of running workshops and multo person reiki training sessions on a Saturday. The room is suitbale for reiki hypnotherapy and readings, and we have BITH had clients their. Tony's have only been walk ins but I have had people book. Also I now have 2 reiki clients up at Paula Jaynes PLUS I am now on the at home team of Psychic Today AND both Moonstone (me) and Fenris (Tony) have apperaed live on the TV . They got us into the studio on Saturday.

So what has prompted this return to my blog today? Well beleive it or not its the change in the clocks. I decided to do something constructive with the extra hour caused by the chnage back to GMT. So I have self healed and to pass the time while I wait for a call (I am logged on) I deciuded to get back to blogging too. Self heajing and meditation are two things I need to do on a regular basis - and that is one thing I haven't made much progress with cince July. 'Just do it' has been forgotten - but is now remembered. Espercially in view of the fact that last Thursday at circle 'just doing it' enabled me to give three names that Freda ( one of our new members - a lovely lady with years of mediumship experience) 3 names she could take. Much to my HUGE surprise I should add.

I have a half day pharmacy worked booked on a Saturday after Xmas - although I am expecting a few days in November. So my focus really IS shifting towards my other work....which is great.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Teaching reiki

Things have been up and down over the past few days. Some good things - like people ringing me out of the blue to ask if I TEACH reiki, or if I would be interested in an advertisement in a magazine - guaranteed I will be the only therapist form this area with an advert. But confusingly I am picking up negative vibes about my teacher attunement from my teacher. I suspect she doesn't think I am ready.... and maybe I am not despite the universes signals to me that this is what I should be doing.

But on the whole Krystal Wolf seems to be heading in the right direction.

But I have realised I still have a LOT of work to do on certain things.

I am wondering if some of my negativity is due to me not meditating as regularly as I want to. Well the solution to that is in my hands, I just have to DO it don't I.

"Just do it' is a good mantra. I adopted it for my exercise regiment when I realised how watching the step counter and timer held me back and limited what I did. It is also very similar to a phrase my reiki teacher used to me ' Don't over think things'

My mind gets in the way of my intuition - and I realise I have to give my intuition a freer reign if I am to succeed.

I have been doing well with exercise over the past couple of days tho. Jogging a lot more than I have been used to.

So on the whole more positives than negatives. Can I say I have been a 2%er tho. Well I do always recognise I am in charge of how I feel - I just haven't been very good at doing it lately.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Moving on

I am going for my master teacher attunement. Today has been great. I am changing my day at the hospice so I should get more patients. I have had some fabulous feedback from Rachel about her hypnotherapy - and her husband is so impressed he is considering having some. AND they may want me to work with their son David (middle child of 5) on anger management.

A couple of our friends may want to try hypnotherapy too. I've said I won't charge them but if they are pleased can they put a testimonial on the site.

I have someone who may be interested in paying me for some distance reiki.

Now all I need is a chance to try out for the psychic channel. !!!!!!!

Suddenly its all happening............